2018, the year of YOU!!


So I haven’t quite decided on my New Years resolution yet, I know I’m late to the party this year, but I don’t think I will! To be honest, I think I am going to start the year with intentions as opposed to a  resolution.

My first intention was to try Veganuary, and so far I’m 28 days in and feel really well. I’m surprised by how well I feel actually, but I haven’t found it as easy as I thought. I have had a couple of slip ups, but having 9 allergies, and voluntarily adding a 10th dairy situation has been hard. As Sean Paul would say it’s been a daily struggle!

My second intention is education. I want to aim to read a book a month during 2018. I’m starting with The China Study, which is in line with my obsession with nutrition and health! It is incredibly well written, informative and I would definitely recommend it. So as Julie Mae said, if you have any recommendations, throw them our way!

As always, trips are on my radar too. What better way to see how the World works than to see it first hand, happening in front of your eyes? I love it. Immersing myself in another culture, with their traditions and ways of life. I find travelling gives me a new lease of life and energy that you can’t put a price tag on!

Lastly, it’s all about mind, body and soul. If there are any workshops I can attend, festivals to be hippy at, gong sound baths to be in, I am there. I don’t think enough emphasis is placed on mind, body and soul as a package and nobody is going to address that for you. Think of it as a prescription for your whole being with a holistic feel.

P.S. I will save telling you about the fabulous benefits of a gong sound bath for our next blog….

Peace & love LM xx


The key to the future is learning to unlearn – huh?

So it’s January 2018.. and the question on everyone’s lips is “what’s your New Years resolution?” Well, as much as I love change, I don’t believe people should wait until the new year to become a better or healthier person… but anyway, I answered “to stop explaining myself”.

Huh? My reply tends to provoke people’s curiosity. But you see, I’m going into 2018 trying to unlearn what society has taught me.

I’m 23 and I’m starting to realise just how many teachers I’ve had in my life already. From my parents to my school teachers, my friends and even strangers. Every person that passes through my life teaches me a lesson and I’m starting to question whether this has been a blessing or a curse. My conclusion? A curse, well up until now.

People tend to teach us thing to prevent us being hurt, but all that worrying and doubtfulness usually keeps us inside our comfort zones and if you haven’t heard the memo yet, let me tell you. THE BEST THINGS HAPPEN OUTSIDE THE COMFORT ZONE, but I’ll save that for another blog.

I want to share with you the top 3 phrases I’m planning to, erm.. take with a pinch of salt in the future.

“Don’t do that, it’s dangerous” – this is an individual who is projecting their fears onto you, and in my experience this phrase usually results with us doubting ourselves and our decisions. Stay confident.

“That’s never going to happen” – it still amazes me how many people appear to be able to see the future? Again, this is an individual projecting their limited beliefs onto you. No, you can make it happen if want too.

& lastly…

“You have to do this!” – the fear that if we don’t do something it will result in something bad happening or a regret. What if I told you there was no such thing as a bad decision?

Earlier on I made the conclusion that this was a curse… well up until now.

I’m going into 2018 seeing this as a blessing rather than a curse because I’ve discovered how people speak to us says more about them than us, but also because I understand the power of words I’m now more conscious when I speak to other people myself. I’ve learnt a new perspective and I’ve found I pause more often before responding to people to choose my words more wisely. It’s going to be a 2018 game changer..

Julie Mae Xx

“Change happens when the pain of staying in the same place is greater than the pain of change”

The change, my change come when I finally got tired of my own bullshit. When I got tired of getting caught up in everyone else’s problem & when I actually acknowledged my anxiety. See, this time last year, I was on Koh Pan-yang (thailand) alone, on a beach, with no valuables.. enjoying my own company and then it hit me… Wait? I’m not worrying? I’m not scared? It was a breakthrough moment because I finally realised that a lot of the problems I carry around with me aren’t actually mine. Who knew eh? Anyway, this was the start of the most unbelievable year.

I took it upon myself to dedicate 2017 to me, to learn as much as I could about myself but more importantly to accept and love myself. After Thailand, I felt my confidence growing so I didn’t stop travelling from then and with every new city I discovered something about myself.

What’s was even crazier is that I felt everyone I was meeting from around the world had something to teach me. I learnt the law of attraction & practiced gratitude daily, then suddenly I became obsessed with bettering myself and upgrading my life in every way I could. I began regularly reading personal development books such as feel the fear and do it anyway, the chimp paradox, triggers and the power of now.

The more I learnt about myself, the more I could control my anxiety so the next step was to control my diet because I realised this had a huge impact on my mind. Within a couple of months I was full vegan and I have never been more self-aware. I have to credit @reissdaviesnwpu and Purple Carrot Liverpool for my transition, it really wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Show me a vegan who has never said “I could never go vegan” before transitioning (haha true story)

I am mentally and physically the strongest I have ever been. I interrupted my anxiety with gratitude and it’s changed my life for the better. People often tell me I’m so motivated to go the gym daily, well no I’m just grateful I am able to go the gym daily, there’s people out there who unfortunately can’t or people tell me it’s they’d find it to hard to be vegan, nope again, what I find hard is getting a life changing illness. Taking your health for granted is one thing you should never do.

Julie Mae Xx

Ch ch ch changes…

6FFBD81E-B68A-4058-B2B8-A50F5159797F.pngI made serious changes in 2015. I’d just got the job I’d wanted for so long and the timing was just right. Don’t get me wrong, I thought about making changes to my lifestyle much earlier than 2015, but had all the self doubting thoughts under the sun. ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I’ll fail, then I’ll feel really bad’, ‘It’s too hard’. This was back in 2012/13 that I thought about going chemical free and thought ‘no way, I can’t do this’. I wanted to change everything overnight, and knew that was an unrealistic goal so shelved the idea for another time.

So 2015 came along and I thought, what if I don’t put pressure on myself and make this a slow transition? Sounds good, sounds do-able. So I came up with a plan. When a product I used ran out, I would replace it with the chemical free alternative. That way I was only ever researching one to two items at a time and this was much more manageable. This took a while, but the cost implications felt much less daunting and this was a plan I could stick to.

First step, I started researching. I found chemical free products, both online and locally and started thinking about the chemicals I didn’t want in my lifestyle. When you start reading, you can’t stop; what about sodium lauryl sulphate? What is a paraben? What effects do they have on my body and my long term health?

What surprised me most was which dangerous ingredients we have in everyday products, that are banned in other countries. It’s shocking and really makes you think. Going chemical free has been more expensive, but I justify that as investing in my health and in my eyes there is no better investment.

Vegetarianism on other hand was a complete accident. There was no intention there. Again it’s something I didn’t think I’d be able to do (noticing a theme here), and I’ve always known vegetarians throughout my life, but I was the biggest carnivore ever! Well that all changed when one day I sat down and started watching Cowspiracy (not on commission here, promise). I thought, I’m going to trial this for four weeks. 639 days later, I’m still vegetarian and this was the best decision ever. I made this decision on health grounds too and also due to the impact that agriculture has on our World, which is unbelievable! Did you know it takes 1300 gallons, yes GALLONS of water to make ONE quarter pounder burger? Madness! So I thought I’d make myself a permanent part of that change.

I had gone vegetarian with a view to becoming vegan, but I haven’t made this change yet due to one big reason, allergies. The Bain of my life. I don’t use allergy as an excuse, but when there’s a threat to life, I think that’s justifiable. I think if I didn’t have allergies I would’ve been vegan in 2015, but when I went veggie I had a number of serious allergic reactions and spent months wondering if it was all worthwhile. I considered going back to my old diet, but I just couldn’t. I felt compelled to do this and where there’s a will, there’s a way. I powered through, being more careful than ever, anxiety through the roof, but came out of the other side veggie and victorious. This might make me sound like a martyr, but trust me it was hard!

2015 was also the year I quit alcohol. I say this like I was a hardened drinker, I wasn’t, but it served no purpose in my life and I could absolutely live without it! Ask my friends, I don’t need alcohol to get up and dance and most don’t even notice that I don’t drink – good or bad thing?!

Anyway, if you want to make a change, do it! You’ll feel more empowered and accomplished than ever. People will ask you difficult questions and may even try to tempt you back to your old ways. These help you to become who you are today! I like the questions now, as if I help one person to do some research or make a change, then it was definitely all worthwhile.

Liz x

In the beginning…

Reader, teetotaller, determined, allergic, tree hugger, vegetarian, over-thinker, procrastinator. Just some of the adjectives you could use to describe me, Liz.

The Questionable Journey seemed a really appropriate name when thinking about creating this blog. I’ve been on this journey for a while now, but started to make some serious changes in 2015.

READER. It started with reading. I read all the time, journals, books, blogs, articles. The more I read, the more I question, the more I question, the more I change. Spiritually, physically, emotionally. Quite frankly, I’m at a point where I don’t know where to draw the line!

TEETOTALLER. In 2015, it started with alcohol. I thought to myself I don’t need this, I don’t even like it, so thought I’d quit it. Nearly 3 years on, it’s still one of the best decisions I made whilst dancing in a muddy field in V festival.

DETERMINED. I am strong willed and determined. I think most people who know me would agree! I was diagnosed with life threatening allergies at about 18 months old, so I think that has contributed.

ALLERGIC. Having 9 allergies has taught me a lot. It’s difficult to live with at times, but I don’t allow it to dictate my life. It’s part of me, made me who I am, and I think if I this wasn’t a part of me who would I be today? Would I be as determined? Would I have made the changes I have? Who knows?

I’ve always had an interest into what we put into our bodies. I’m sensible, some would say too sensible, but I’m always reading and I’m amazed by how everything I thought to be true, to be fact, is now up for debate once you open your eyes.

I’ll save tree hugger, vegetarian and over-thinker for another blog. Procrastinator? Well, why do today what you can put off until tomorrow!

Looking forward to sharing the tomorrow’s with you, but for now I’ll hand you over to my partner in crime…

I’m Julie, I’m that girl that suffered sooooo badly from crippling anxiety, that girl that “would never be able to travel alone” and that girl who couldn’t “leave the front door without having a nervous break down”.. haha yup, people actually said this to me. Welllllllllllll, that girl’s just completed 12 trips in 12 months and she’s alright, she’s goooood.

From Auschwitz, to my first solo trip backpacking around Thailand, camping at a spiritual festival and spending my birthday in Bali, it’s been the most life changing year.

The most life changing, and the most challenging. You see, the more we learn, the more we question and the more confused we end up.. welcome to the Questionable Journey.

We all question each other and over the past year I’ve been questioned on absolutely everything, from travelling alone, battling anxiety to the best booty exercises and I just want to be able to share all my experiences and perspectives with you all!

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